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Being stranded in a forest post an accident, the protagonist struggles to get himself out, and in the process discovers a boon and a curse of the forest. With his only accomplice, a photo of Mahatma Gandhi on the currency, the protagonist now has to decide whether to live with the deemed blessing and curse or to escape both.


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In the pandemic, the word "quarantine" became synonymous with the new normal. The protagonist, alone at home, finds himself stuck in the daily monotonous routine and tries to figure out answers to his very basic questions. He develops methods to cope and live with it, however, sometimes it is rather easy to succumb to the darkness of your mind.


Ritika, an aspiring writer waiting to find her motivation, enjoys her solitude and does not believe in the customary methods of the society. Her life takes a flip turn one night when she meets the love of her life from an alternate universe, through her fridge. She has to now pick sides between the conventional and the unconventional.


This is a film about a talkative old man, David and his silent dog, Monty. The man wishes to have a conversation with his dog. The story revolves around what happens when David's dream comes true


This short film highlights the generation gap between an old man and his mischievous little neighbor. This short movie is set in a ghetto in Mumbai, where all tenants live like a large joint family. The old man finds the little child irritable in more than one way, but goes on to care for him, when he learns an important lesson about life from the child.


A short film about a seventy year old man, Mr. Batliwala, who lives lonely life out of compulsion; however, every morning his twenty-four neighbor plays loud music thus disturbing his sleep. Throughout this short movie, both are portrayed to hold each other in strong despise but are subconsciously attached by mutual understanding and neighborly feelings which strikes a chord in the viewer's eye.


An abstract film about global warming in Mumbai. Official selection at Dimensions Mumbai (MAMI international film festival)


An abstract film about Mumbai. An official entry shortlisted at MAMI International Film Festival (Dimensional Mumbai) (2008)

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